Brand New Features Added to exactEarth ShipView

Posted by Graham Stickler on Oct 1, 2014 4:15:00 PM

Earlier this summer we announced the availability of our brand new exactEarth ShipView™ platform providing simple to use, web-based access to all of our dynamic global shipping information.  Just like other SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms all you need is a web browser and a login and we do the rest for you in the exactEarth ‘cloud’ giving you online access to 3 months’ worth of global ship information – that’s about half a billion Satellite AIS messages alone!

We have been delighted by the response to ShipView and we really appreciate the positive feedback we have received over the past few months.  We have reacted to this feedback quickly and today we release Version 1.1 of ShipView which demonstrates quite clearly I hope our commitment to maturing this platform in line with our users needs.

For starters, we’ve redesigned how the application gets loaded into your browser, making it 10 times faster than before. There’s also a new expansive ship photo library embedded, courtesy of our friends at VesselTracker, so you can now access ship images directly alongside the AIS derived information - providing an even more complete maritime picture, if you’ll excuse the pun!



Measuring and searching with circles has also been added along with the ability to download a Ship List as a KML file for easy use within Google Earth.


From there, we’ve made the filtering of all the ship information a whole lot easier and at the same time extended the power by introducing the concept of rules and groups. You can now make simple or complex rules to refine your search results to exactly what you’re looking for in your area of interest, and to make life even easier and to avoid duplication you can even now import or export filters to share with colleagues or to use natively with our exactAIS Geospatial Web Services™.


We’ve also added Vessel Class as an attribute to be able to filter on and a Hover Tool which quickly displays key ship information as you pass over with the mouse. Lastly, we’ve added the ability to change the layer options; you can now change names, adjust transparency, and for exactEarth layers, change the styles for ships displayed on the map giving you even more flexibility over customizing your view of the maritime domain.


We’re very excited about this new release and are now already planning for the future.  ShipView is very important to our Product and Services strategy and you will see even more changes as we move forward.  But for us Customer needs are the key driver as we look for ways to improve our products and services, so please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for new features you’d like to see at

Best regards,

Graham Stickler

Vice-President, Product Management


Be sure to visit our ShipView Product Page on our website for more information or:

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