Should I Track Global Fishing Activity with VMS or AIS?

Posted by Nicole Schill on Aug 4, 2015 2:12:53 PM


The battle of the fishing boat monitoring acronyms rears its head yet again. Here at exactEarth we're asked often about how AIS compares to VMS and why to use one system over the other. We believe that although the systems are different, they can be quite complementary.

As the global illegal fishing crisis intensifies, it's important to look for the best tracking and monitoring system possible.

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Fighting the Impacts of Global Shipping on our Oceans

Posted by Nicole Schill on Apr 22, 2015 9:20:00 AM

90% of world trade is carried across our oceans by over 150,000 ships.

Without ships the import and export of goods on the scale necessary for the modern world would not be possible. According to the International Chamber of Shipping there are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The ebb and flow of goods in the world market mirrors the waves of the very waterways delivering them. But what does this increase in activity mean to the health of one of our greatest resources?

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8 Great Features in ShipView

Posted by Nicole Schill on Apr 7, 2015 9:39:00 AM

We recently added some more new features to ShipView  Version 1.2 and thought it was high time to highlight the best of the best.

ShipView is your portal into the world's shipping, allowing you perform long range tracking and monitoring of vessel activity across our oceans. It's easy to use, completely web-based and packed with useful tools.

Let's take a look at the top 8 features (in no particular order):

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Brand New Features Added to exactEarth ShipView

Posted by Graham Stickler on Oct 1, 2014 4:15:00 PM

Earlier this summer we announced the availability of our brand new exactEarth ShipView™ platform providing simple to use, web-based access to all of our dynamic global shipping information.  Just like other SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms all you need is a web browser and a login and we do the rest for you in the exactEarth ‘cloud’ giving you online access to 3 months’ worth of global ship information – that’s about half a billion Satellite AIS messages alone!

We have been delighted by the response to ShipView and we really appreciate the positive feedback we have received over the past few months.  We have reacted to this feedback quickly and today we release Version 1.1 of ShipView which demonstrates quite clearly I hope our commitment to maturing this platform in line with our users needs.

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Buoyed by Innovation

Posted by Nicole Schill on Aug 6, 2014 2:52:00 PM

Recently we announced two new product offerings into the exactEarth family- exactEarth ShipView™ and exactAIS Density Maps™. These new tools were built so that customers could see more and do more with our amazing exactAIS® data service.

ShipView was designed entirely with you in mind as great attention from our development team was paid to ensure the new platform performed at an exceptional level. As an eventual replacement to the existing exactAIS Viewer, we kept all the same features that you know and love but also added in tons of handy new tools like the ability to add external layers and download data. Customise away as the ShipView platform accepts map layers or base maps from OGC WMS or Esri Map, Feature, or Tiled Map Services.

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Creating Open Ocean VTS

Posted by Peggy Browning on Feb 20, 2013 1:32:00 PM

exactEarth recently signed up to assist in a new vessel routing program run by the European Union.  The MONALISA project aims at giving a concrete contribution to the efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport.  The initial focus is on the major navigational areas in Swedish and Finnish waters in the Baltic Sea which will contribute to improving overall safety and optimization of ship routes. 

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How Satellite AIS Can Even Track Your Precious Cargo

Posted by Graham Stickler on May 3, 2012 3:18:00 PM

Joining exactEarth has been an exciting time, not just for me, but for my wife and whole family as it has meant moving from our home deep in rural Wiltshire in the UK to Cambridge, Ontario.  For those of you who have, like me, done this before you will know this is a stressful time to say the least!  No small part of this is watching all your worldly goods disappear down the road inside a huge sealed container with no more than a promise (and a carefully worded Insurance Certificate) that they’ll safely re-appear at some estimated date in the future across the other side of the world.  My sympathetic colleagues here at exactEarth even tried to cheer me up by sending me pictures like the ones below with articles full of helpful statistics like 10,000 containers are lost per year worldwide!! 

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