Buoyed by Innovation

Posted by Nicole Schill on Aug 6, 2014 2:52:00 PM

Recently we announced two new product offerings into the exactEarth family- exactEarth ShipView™ and exactAIS Density Maps™. These new tools were built so that customers could see more and do more with our amazing exactAIS® data service.

ShipView was designed entirely with you in mind as great attention from our development team was paid to ensure the new platform performed at an exceptional level. As an eventual replacement to the existing exactAIS Viewer, we kept all the same features that you know and love but also added in tons of handy new tools like the ability to add external layers and download data. Customise away as the ShipView platform accepts map layers or base maps from OGC WMS or Esri Map, Feature, or Tiled Map Services.

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Data streaming in GIS

Posted by Graham Stickler on Feb 10, 2014 10:59:00 AM

We are delighted at exactEarth to see Esri’s efforts to advance the management and use of streaming data feeds into the GIS environment, which traditionally has been dominated by static maps.  As a major supplier of near real-time geospatial data for maritime vessels, here at exactEarth we are committed to interoperability of our data with all platforms and as an Esri Business Partner we were closely involved in the ArcGIS® 10.2 GeoEvent™ Processor for Server beta program, working with Esri to ensure our exactAIS® global ship data can be ingested and processed easily by ArcGIS® 10.2 GeoEvent™ Processor for Server.

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Summer 2012 Wrap-up: Esri UC, Ontario Summers and the Melting Arctic

Posted by Graham Stickler on Sep 20, 2012 9:48:00 AM

It’s been an interesting and very busy summer for me.  My first visit for a few years to an Esri Worldwide User Conference in the lovely climate of Southern California, and my first ever living in a Mediterranean type climate enjoying a lifestyle of shorts and barbeques (and I now live in Canada!).  Best tan I’ve ever had!  But there’s a serious side to all this.  First it was interesting to me that Esri chose to focus on cloud computing as the big new thing and almost relegated the news of Maps for Office to that of an also-ran.  Easy to use maps for everyone in MS Office products seems pretty big news to me!  However I appreciate that data sharing is still an important topic but isn’t cloud computing to most people simply a case of having the server somewhere else?  Where’s the big news in that?  Same old stuff across the internet rather than the intranet.  OK, I’m being simplistic but perhaps in my aging years I’m missing the point?

But moving on from the sunny climes of Southern California back to a blazing hot Ontario, I’ve been following with interest this year’s summer melt in the Arctic.  It’s quite alarming.  There’s been a lot of press as the summer has progressed but here is a pretty good summary now that summer is coming to an end and Autumn approaches (it’s going to take me a while to say ‘Fall’).

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