The exactEarth and Harris Corporation Relationship

Posted by Philip Miller on Jul 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM

exactEarth has led the world in the creation, introduction and evolution of detecting from Low Earth Orbit satellites VHF signals emitted from marine vessels known as Automatic Identification System (AIS). We started with one of the first AIS detecting satellites, NTS, and have grown our constellation to include 9 satellites with 26 ground stations around the world. Combined with two data centers supporting the highest detection rate possible using our patented algorithms, we are able to produce the most reliable, consistent Satellite AIS service available and provide that service to over 250 customers worldwide.

Harris Corporation has been an established provider of space hardware and systems for years.  Their capabilities and quality helped them become the hosted payload supplier for the Aerion Program being implemented on the Iridium NEXT Constellation which is designed to track aircraft using ADS-B.  The development of this hosted payload created capacity for additional hosted payloads on the same payload, hosted hosted payloads (HHPs).  Using this capacity, they have successfully integrated several different HHPs into the Iridium NEXT platform including one that is able to detect maritime VHF signals including AIS.

Harris Corporation and exactEarth became aware of each other and agreed to pool our resources and expertise on a 2nd generation of AIS detection from space.  A program that eventually became known as exactViewRT powered by Harris was conceived in which exactEarth’s patented detection technology could be deployed on HHPs built by Harris. Together, exactEarth and Harris are working together to create a new generation of maritime vessel detection that will be unmatched by any other system.


As this program has come together, upon reflection, I have come to believe that if we were to have started the exactEarth constellation over again a few years ago with all the knowledge we had gained during the first few years of the business and were given a blank slate to work with, it seems unlikely that we would have conceived of a system with as high a performance and as capable as what we will have once exactView RT powered by Harris is fully deployed.  Persistent coverage of the entire globe with real time delivery of AIS messages is only the beginning of the services exactEarth and Harris will soon begin providing to customers.  In the coming years, our customers will have access to the most advanced and capable data, information and knowledge pertaining to the maritime shipping world possible.

We hope you will join us for the journey!


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