Shark Fishing

Posted by Nicole Schill on Aug 13, 2014 3:05:00 PM

In dedication to Shark Week, we wanted to focus on the issues surrounding shark fishing. It is shocking to read some of the facts about sharks and the rise of illegal shark fishing happening around the world.

As a growing number of laws emerge against shark fishing and with the increased global awareness around the act of Shark Finning, a staggering 100,000,000 sharks are still killed globally each year. Even with these regulations in place, fishermen are still finning sharks and leaving their bodies to die at sea.

Shark_Week_InfographicDue to increased levels of shark fishing, populations are decimating globally and sharks are no longer able to fully mature before being finned. These factors significantly impact the reproduction cycles of sharks and makes them highly susceptible to extinction. It is important to note that sharks are not the only ones impacted as these creatures are ecological stabilisers and without them the whole ocean ecosystem is affected including the coral reefs.

Through the tracking of vessels worldwide with Satellite AIS, this crucial information can help to decrease the levels of illegal shark fishing taking place in our oceans. With vessel monitoring systems and the extended surveillance provided through exactAIS® data, authorities are able to better detect suspicious fishing behaviour and can then prosecute more illegal fishing violators. 

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