Real-Time Vessel Data Satisfies Our Need for Speed

Posted by Nicole Schill on May 3, 2017 9:36:49 AM

We’re regularly encouraged to feed off of instant gratification in every aspect of our day. You can shop for groceries online and pick your haul up on your way home from work, or have it delivered. Tap your credit or debit card to pay for almost everything, everywhere. Locate your kids through their cell phones right now with a call or GPS locator. How did we go from all day bike rides with your friends away from your parents without any form of communication to carrying a pocket-sized link to the universe on us at all times?

Widespread broadband availability, Moore’s law, and fiber optics have fueled technology’s focus on real time results, and advancement is happening at a rapid rate. For example, the Internet began as an idea in 1962, was born in 1969, but didn’t become worldwide or user-friendly until the early 1990s. At that time dial-up was a household staple, but in 10 short years it grew into broadband then Wi-Fi and mobile phone data. This kind of rapid and dynamic growth is happening across all fields of communication technology to keep up with our need for speed. Load coupons for the items in your basket while you’re in line to pay for them. Book an appointment with your massage therapist when you wake up in the middle of the night with a muscle spasm. Have your car automatically contact emergency services immediately after a car accident.

The practical and life-saving uses of real time communication technology are infinite which is why the use of satellite transmissions is growing as quickly as cellular and internet technology has. With exactView RT powered by Harris we will provide customers with vessel information that is less than a minute old providing valuable and vital information to and from the mainland.


Ship operators and crew can take comfort in knowing their ship is constantly being monitored should something go wrong out in the open ocean. Search and rescue operations are not only enhanced but also have the ability to become more proactive than ever before with real time information on ships heading towards danger, ships lost at sea, and the swift changes of unruly weather patterns. Government authorities can better pinpoint criminal activity with instant notice of a ship’s unusual behaviour that may indicate unlawful acts such as pirating, drug trafficking, or illegal dumping. Environmental conservation regulations will be easier than ever to follow with up-to-the-minute alerts that will prevent course changes that would encroach on a Marine Protected Area.

exactEarth’s satellite AIS advancement is on the verge of changing maritime communication and mobility exponentially, again. We have already deployed 4 new payloads in the exactView RT constellation as we roll to completion within the next 8-12 months.

Read more about our game changing real-time technology here.



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