The Filthy Facts About Shipping Pollution

Posted by Nicole Schill on May 19, 2015 1:26:16 PM

Our oceans are regularly victim to pollution caused by oil slicks and the dumping of rubbish resulting from accidents and illegal activities. Nearly half of the pollution at sea is caused by ships’ accidental or deliberate discharge of crude oil and other refined products.

Combining these traditional pollutants with the atmospheric effects of shipping emissions, vessels have a globally substantial impact on our ocean environment.

What role can Satellite AIS play in monitoring these pollution incidents or even better, preventing them from happening?


Here's our infographic highlighting the effects shipping has on our global ocean environment. Check out the bottom for how shipping data from exactEarth can help authorities monitor these activities.



Can you believe over 700 million gallons of waste oil enter into our oceans every year? Or that cruise liners are dumping 3.8 billion litres of sewage in as well?

No wonder a study done at Live Science gave our oceans a health score of 60 out of 100. - Live Science Health Ranking

Satellite AIS can be particularly useful in preserving the marine environment. Here at exactEarth we've seen a number of our customers use our data for monitoring ship emissions, tracking back oil spill violators and investigating major pollution incidents for marine environment protection.

Check out our Environmental Applications for Satellite AIS whitepaper to learn more.

Stop polluters in their tracks with our live AIS vessel monitoring platform- ShipView. The perfect vessel tracking and analysis tool with the most accurate view into the maritime domain to protect oceans from future environmental damage.

Get ShipView into your operations today!


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