Greatest Hits: Ocean monitoring and sustainability

Why Digitizing the Ocean Remains a 2017 Problem

Satellite Innovation in 60 Years and 60+ exactEarth Payloads

Arctic Maritime Safety: How to Navigate the North?

Save the Whales: Tracking Ship Strike with Satellite AIS

Anywhere & Everywhere: Satellite Tracking for Fishing Boats

Stop Illegal Fishing in its Tracks

The Future of Global Satellite Communication

Nor-Shipping 2017 and the Case for Autonomous Fleets

Real-Time Matters: Maritime Fleet Management Then and Now

Real-Time Vessel Data Satisfies Our Need for Speed

The Future of Global Vessel Tracking is Real-Time

The Global Move towards Energy-Efficient Marine Shipping

The Voyage to Transparency with Big Data

The Push for Reduced Maritime Carbon Emissions

Why are our satellites in Low Earth Orbit?

SpaceX Update

exactView RT for Search and Rescue Operations

Upgrading exactView

Numbers Game: Why 65 Satellites is Just Right for exactView RT

The exactEarth and Harris Corporation Relationship

What Do We Mean by "Real-Time"?

Blazing a Path to Continuous Real-Time Global Ship Tracking

US Raises Privacy Concerns Around AIS

Catching Up with Deadliest Catch

Should I Track Global Fishing Activity with VMS or AIS?

Satellite AIS Just Got Real

The Dirty Truth About Ballast Water Exchange

The Filthy Facts About Shipping Pollution

Vessel Monitoring for Whale Ship Strike Risk

Fighting the Impacts of Global Shipping on our Oceans

8 Great Features in ShipView

The Necessity of Arctic Ship Monitoring

What Does the Polar Code Mean for Arctic Ship Monitoring?

Brand New Features Added to exactEarth ShipView

Top 5 Things to Know About exactAIS Density Maps

Shark Fishing

Buoyed by Innovation

Monitoring Marine Protected Areas Just Got Easier

Spoofing AIS- The Debate Continues

Data streaming in GIS

Hacking Into AIS

Taking Satellite AIS to the next level

Shipping in the Arctic Heats Up as the IMO Revisits the Polar Code

Creating Open Ocean VTS

Bringing GMDSS into 2013

Sharing Does Not Always Mean Caring

Sophomore Expectations for GEOINT 2012

Summer 2012 Wrap-up: Esri UC, Ontario Summers and the Melting Arctic

Extending VTS Beyond the Limits of Coastal AIS

Satellite AIS Will Enable Key Elements of E-Navigation

What Will Open Waters in the Arctic Mean for the World’s Shipping?

Gearing up for the RIMPAC 2012 Exercises

Satellite AIS: Location-Based Services in the Maritime World?

How Satellite AIS Can Even Track Your Precious Cargo

Saving Lives with AIS SART Devices

Exciting Times Ahead in the Maritime World

How AIS Could Have Prevented the Titanic Disaster

AIS Outcomes at the IALA Intercessional

AIS Will be a Hot Topic at Upcoming IALA/e-Nav Meeting

Introducing a Return Link for Satellite AIS

Maybe there's an App for That? Satellite AIS for Zone Breaches

4 Predictions for Satellite AIS in 2012

Investigating a Vessel Collision with AIS

AIS Channel Surfing with the ITU

Satellite AIS Heads North

The Role of Satellite AIS in Environmental Protection

What Role can Satellite AIS Play in Ballast Water Exchange?

What are the New AIS Testing Requirements?

How AIS Can Help Combat Piracy?

Comparing Satellite AIS to LRIT

GEOINT from the Inside

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